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Credit Control

Despite the existence of contracts in all commercial transactions between the two parties to the
transaction and the clear commitment between the two parties to implement all of its provisions
there is always and never a clause in these contracts that are not complied with by one of the parties
of the transaction (the debtor), which is related to the date of payment
and given the breadth of competition between companies with One economic activity, the creditor
finds himself surrounded by risks, which is represented in losing money or delaying it in a big
way, so that the interest that was desired from behind this transaction or a loss to the customer
is lost with it due to these risks, which he put himself in because there is no clear and specific
credit system within his company that helps p I avoid or minimize credit risk, which ultimately helps:
Reducing bad debts.
Reducing doubtful debts.
There are no differences in the accounts between it and its clients, which may eventually
turn into bad debts.
Therefore, we are doing the credit system in proportion to the nature of the work of each 
company and the level of competition in the economic activity that is practiced in a manner 
that does not conflict with the desired sales percentages, which is the ultimate goal of any 
economic activity.
We are focused on reducing credit risks to the minimum and improving your cash flow to the maximum.
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