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Debt Collection

                      For all types of debt: Regular - Doubtful -Write-Off
                      letters of guarantee and Returned check collection

You produce - marketing - sell.
We get your debts.
We avoid troubles and problems of achievement.
We avoid embarrassment and sensitivity to achievement
We keep your accounts confidential.
We keep your customer.
We match your accounts with your customer's accounts so that there are no differences in the
accounts between you and your customer.
We deposit your checks in your bank and hand you the check deposit keeper with the copy of the 
check with an account statement that includes the numbers and values ​​of the invoices paid by this
check and a statement of the differences if any and their reasons.
For hotels, tourist villages, hospitals, and the like: We can do the work of the credit department in full
by handing out invoices, following up and collecting them, depositing checks in the bank,
and handing you the deposit portfolio with a copy of the check and an account statement including 
the payment of the check with an indication of the differences and their reasons, if any.
We always exceed our customers' expectations - know our customers and read what they said about 
us to know and make sure.

Credit and Collection has an extensive and experienced team specialized in the collection of debts that

Are hard to collect. Our debt collectors are highly trained professionals and they are experts at commercial

Collections with  an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised

On the quality and the  services provided to the customer.

Regular Debts: We deliver your invoices within two working days then will start follow up after three working

Days until we collect it .

Other Debts : once we receive the case, immediately will start study it,ask you some information(just in case

will need )

then we prepare our plain to collect it as faster as you cant imagine.

Always your business relationship with your customer in safe and health.



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