How to deal with us

                                                                  How to do business with us
                                                                 Credit collection procedures 

 There are several ways which you can deal with us and the customer has to choose what is
suitable and what is suitable for its facilities, such as:
*To take over the entire task from delivery of invoices to your customer or to hand them over,
   follow them, and collect them.
*To undertake the process of collecting doubtful debts.
*To take over the process of collecting bad debts.

 That any debt that is later than a certain time (the time is determined by you) be transferred to
our company for collection so that the collection department takes over your currency for a period
of two or three months (for example) from the date of the invoice delivery then after that the debt is
transferred to us directly to collect.

 As for the new companies, we can carry out the complete tasks of the credit and collection
 department as we were part of the company's internal work system.

 And with any of the above methods, it is required from our customers to authorize us to collect
as a delegate authorizes fully, after concluding the contract between us.
The percentage agreed upon between us and the customer is paid only after collection without any fees
or charges before collection.


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