Credit and Collection

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Credit and Collection

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More than 30 years of experience,sure we will do it.

Credit and Collection

Account Receivable Outsourcing.

wasting time means lose money.

More than 30 years of experience,sure we can help. 

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More than 30 years of experience,sure we can do it. 

     Through more than thirty years experience in the field of credit and collection 
    inside and outside Egypt ,through careful and exhaustive study that concluded
    that most companies,regardless of their activities and sizes, suffer from a problem
    in collecting multiple causes, but one of the most important of these reasons is the
    lack of a professional specialist with the conviction of these companies that there
    is no better place than it was and they did all the effort and follow-up that did not
    produce a satisfactory result.
     This misconception (it is not possible to be better than it was) means stagnation,
    delay, distance from competition and perhaps exit from the market because there
    is always the best, fastest and least expensive and he is a professional specialist
    with experience who is able to tools to reach the desired goal while maintaining 
    your relationship with your customer.
     Therefore credit and collection was created to help creditors and debtors
    (from companies only)solve their credit problems in a fair, honest and satisfactory
     manner to both parties without losing either party to the other and make sure we
     will always exceed your expectations.
                                            see what they said about us
     Prompt collection while maintaining your relationship with your customers is
    our first priority (and make sure we will always exceed your expectations).
    We guarantee you accurate follow-up to ensure rapid collection to take advantage 
    of the rapid turnover of capital instead of being frozen by your customers 
    (and always make sure we exceed your expectations).

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The importance of Debt Collection

The collection and cash flow of any company, big or small, is the main
 lifeblood of the company and an important indicator of the rapid turnover
 of capital and dependency on profitability.

 Late and irregular accounts are among the most important obstacles that
 the company loses its focus on its core business and may be a strong reason
 for blocking production.

 From this fee, it is clear that the fall or slowdown of the collection cycle
 affects the rate of turnover of the capital and consequently the enterprise's
 ability to continue and achieve the desired growth rates.

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